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Educational YouTube Channels:

Summary of some of my favorite educational youtube channels. Click the name to go to the channel.


A science video blog that explores common misconceptions in science by interviewing people on the street. The goal is to make scientific ideas clear, accessible, and interesting (more).

C.G.P. Grey

Videos that use interesting and useful visualizations to explain complex things (e.g., is Pluto a planet, different between the UK, Great Britain and England, etc).

Crash Course

Series of informational video lectures on world history and biology meant to entertain and educate.


Simple and short explanations of physics and “other sweet science” described with clear, fun marker animations (more).

Sci Show

Videos that explain recent scientific advances, profiles historic figures in science, and delve into complex concepts in physics, chemistry, and the life sciences (more).


Mathmatical doodles that combine complex mathmatical concepts with art and fast-paced narration (more).

Even more!

List of all the best educational YouTube channels.